How To Make $50 a Day (With Just A FEW CLICKS)

in this video I’m going to show you how to make $50 a day simply sharing posts on your social media accounts you can see some of the examples of the payments from this method here a dollar $16 $24 and so forth you can make $50 a day and this works worldwide so you can do this from any country in the world and here are once again some of the examples of the payments from my personal experience from this method that you can see here on the screen eighteen ten twelve eleven dollars and essentially this method that I’m going to show you will allow you to earn as much as fifty dollars a day or even more if you work hard on it by sharing other people’s posts on your social media you can make a post on Facebook on Twitter on Pinterest and charge people $5 to $50 per post by providing a very high in demand service that is especially popular now the popularity of it just keeps growing and there is unlimited demand for this service and I’m gonna show you exactly how you can take advantage of it from any country in the world even even if you are in Africa in Asia in the US in Australia in the UK in Europe anyway it does not matter you can do this method right now hi everyone my name is Greg Kononenko one least caffeinated blogger YouTube channel are bringing you almost daily videos on making money from home affiliate marketing and blogging make sure to click the subscribe button just below this video and enable all notifications so that you get notified about my next video as soon as it’s uploaded let’s get into the detail so these are the examples of the payments from this method that I’m about to share with you just so that you can see that this actually works a lot of them are from the method that I’m about to share with you this service like I mentioned to you is in really high demand and I have used this service as both a seller and a buyer so I know quite a bit about it and it is an excellent way to make money especially in these crazy times right now where everyone is stuck at home the demand for these services just going through the roof you can provide this service and get paid money for the service that you provide on a website called five are five are calm now this is quite different this is a service that is in high demand so if you act and you actually do what I’m about to show you in this video you are very very likely to get orders for your service that you can list on the website now in case you are new to 5r 5i is basically a marketplace where people from all over the world can register to provide various services such as graphics design digital marketing can draw portraits you can provide marketing services you can write articles you can do voice overs you can sell video and animation etc so there are thousands of different categories of services I’m about to show you one that is in really high demand that you can make money on today and people from all over the world can come to this website and they can order those gigs as well so it’s basically a marketplace where people can buy the services and people can sell services and this marketplace connects the two services together now the type of gig that I’m about to share with you today is called social sharing so if you type in social share or social sharing you will see the results so there are only 124 people are 124 gigs so to speak listings in this marketplace for social sharing now this is very very little it means that there are not enough people who have actually registered as sellers for this service and this service is in high demand there are only hundred and twenty-four different people that are trying to sell services in this category which means that there is a huge opportunity for you to register as a seller and to start offering the type of service that I’m about to share with you and this service is so so so easy to fulfill so I’m going to show you an example here so for social share there is this one person you can see that they’re selling this service for eight Australian dollars that’s basically five US dollars and they have had nine reviews that means that they’ve sold about a hundred or so of these services alright and this is a very recent listing so very quickly they’ve managed to sell about a hundred of these services so they’ve made about five hundred us or eight hundred Australian for it now this person you can see Kelly she has two hundred and forty one reviews for this service which means that she’s sold probably two or three thousand dollars worth of this service and you can see that it’s only starting at eight dollars so if we open it up you will see that depending on the complexity so she has got different tiers there is a basic service that she provides and a premium service the premium service is twenty four so that’s fifteen US dollars so if we take an average price of the service which is sixteen dollars that’s ten us and were multiplied by twenty two thousand four hundred potential waters she’s probably made around twenty four thousand us on this just sharing people’s social media posts okay so let’s look at this service in a little bit more detail so that and by the way you can see that she’s got three what is in the queue that she hasn’t even delivered yet so once again this is an indication that the service isn’t really really high demand okay so her gig her service that she provides is I will share your content on my social media sites her social media sites that means on her Facebook profile on her Twitter profile on her Pinterest profile and LinkedIn profile etc and it says about these gig sharing URLs on social media will increase your website ranking as well as getting it noticed by interested potential clients the more shares you purchase the better SEO ranking you will get at the moment there is a huge demand for social shares local businesses and various other businesses that are looking to attract customers they want to get exposure on social media and you can provide this service so you can build you can build your own social media profiles for example you know a few Facebook page a LinkedIn profile a few Twitter accounts and you will find there is a huge demand from people who will want to buy exposure on social media now you don’t need a lot of followers to do this you can start selling this gig even if you only have five followers or ten followers it doesn’t matter because what matters is a social share that goes as a little vote for for your website so to speak so people will want to just get it even if you only have a few followers and they will generally want to get it from a number of different sellers with a variety of different social profiles so some that have a lot of followers and some that don’t have a lot of followers so you can absolutely do this with only a few followers on your accounts so anyone can do this even if you’ve got no social media following right now in the future as you’re following grows you can make even more money you don’t have to just sell these shares on Fiverr you can actually go to sharp card social card card comm and other similar websites and you can see that there is big demand so accounts with eighty eight thousand followers 10,000 followers 1.7 thousand followers you can sell the shares on these profiles for really really good money but that’s in the future let’s just for now let’s just focus on the method that I’m about to show you how for how to get started really simply and easily on okay so here is step by step exactly what you need to do so step one is to open social profiles I recommend for you to choose five niches I’ve put some suggestions for here one would be viral niche fitness niche technique money and some funny things so this should cover pretty much any type of customer that you might get on 5r when they order your service then what I recommend for you to do is to open a Facebook page a Twitter account and a Pinterest account in each niche so you will open five Facebook pages it’s free and open a viral Facebook page of Fitness Facebook page take Facebook page money and finding only takes a few minutes to set up each of these Facebook pages so it’s super quick to do okay so then do the same thing with Twitter accounts you can actually have as many Facebook pages as you want you can have as many Twitter accounts as you want I just use a different email address for each of them use a different gmail email address and do the same thing with Pinterest so create in each of those niches create a separate social profile so this way you will have 15 social profiles on which you can sell your social shares or you can sell social shares from 15 different social profiles so this puts you into an amazing position where your service will be in high demand and you can charge good money for it and you can get a lot of customers so on your Facebook profile go into here manage pages and then click create a new page and then just follow the prompts to create a Facebook page then do the same thing basically with Twitter do the same thing with Pinterest as well create the profiles in each of those networks step two will be to share some content on each of your profiles now this is just to fill out your profile so you really literally can share anything that’s related to the news that you’ve chosen let me show you how to do that so if you’re doing this on Facebook and this is your Facebook page for example this could be the TEC Facebook page you would just type in something like viral tech news and get any link and then share that link on your Facebook page so let’s see it will just pull up some of the tech news for example this one here the world is still producing more oil than it needs so you would just go in here and you would say the world is still producing more oil than it needs and then just paste that link and click post that’s all you need to do so make about ten posts on each of your profiles just to fill it out so that it doesn’t look empty when people actually start looking through your feed at this point you’ve got the 15 social media profile so now you can list your gig on Fiverr so you need to go and create a gig profile one fiber if you aren’t sure how to actually structure your gig and what to put into it then make it similar to other gigs that are already popular so for example type in social share or social share or manual social share you can also get and click on these suggested tags here as well and have a look at how other geeks that have been getting orders have been structuring their listings so as an example you can open this one or you can open this one and then take a look at exactly what kind of screenshots they have posted exactly what they have written in the gig and you can don’t obviously copy it word by word but you can get an idea on how to structure that gig when you’re first starting out you will only be able to offer a basic gig you need to get some orders under your belt before you can start offering standard and premium now after you have made this listing then you need to essentially wait until the water start coming through because people on a daily basis will go in and they will be looking for these social shares now try to make yours as attractive as possible in here include all the information make your gig the best gig out there say that you will share these five times to your 15 social profiles that’s a total of 75 manual shares okay that you can offer because often these gigs will only offer for example this one here basic says 7 posts on Facebook you need to make your stand out and you need to offer 75 manual shares and the way that you can do this is on each of your 15 profiles you post it 5 times for example over the course of two days posted twice a day on one day and then three times a day on the second day that will give them a total of 75 shares and that’s how you can make your gig really stand out because you’re offering more now after you’ve got a few reviews under your belt you can then and once you you’ve got this standard that premium enabled you can structure it a little bit differently so that you can offer for example 15 on the basic 30 under standard and 75 on the premium and you can give slightly different amounts for example $5 $10 $15 and this way you can charge more for almost the same amount of work because it’s very quick and simple to actually share someone’s post onto your social profile thank you sir much for watching I hope you enjoyed this video make sure to click subscribe here on the screen or just below this video enable all notifications so that you can get notified as soon as I upload my next video and here is a cool video for you to watch next so go there right now thank you so much see you in the next video